Chris Gregory’s Biography

Chris Gregory, Voice Over Artist, BiographyChris Gregory, an entertainment industry veteran for over a period of years, shaped by leading rolls on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Summer stock, Industrials, Music Videos, Record Albums, Talk-Shows, Las Vegas Hotels and Nightclubs, just to name a few.

Chris’ late father, Jon Gregory was the co-head of the new talent dance department at 20th Century Fox and was a famed Choreographer/Director/Producer and Creator. His mother, Helene Gregory Hidden, also had a strong career on Broadway, in Television and Radio. Even his sister, Jenna, “Jazzercise” Stevenson has had a long-standing career as a Singer and Choreographer in Las Vegas and around the world.

I used to sit and watch my dad rehearse with all of these stars and I decided at a very early age that I could do it too. If these stars were making a living at it…so could I.” Chris explained as he was describing what it was like growing up in Las Vegas with both parents, in show business. His formal training began when he was about six years old; he started taking ballet, tap and jazz almost every day. Then, he added the singing, acting, and drums for eight years with IrvKlugger.

Performing in Broadway shows, e.g. A Chorus Line, in US, Canada, and Japan, The follies Bergere, Dream Girls, Leader of the Pack, etc. provided a phenomenal background for his future ventures. One of the magical times for Chris was performing the lead role in the Leader of the Pack at the Tony Awards.

Experience provided Chris the opportunity to expand into positions of stage manager to producing various shows, e.g. Le Tragedie De Carmen, Stairway to Stardom, etc.

A touch of nostalgia comes in to play as Chris remembers the various stages around the world where he performed, e.g. Shubert Theatre in New York, The Imperial Theatre, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, Ambassador Theatre, and Lincoln Center to name a few.

As with so many performers, knees take a tremendous pounding, Chris’ knee problems required three surgeries. He moved back to Las Vegas to recoup and re-invent himself. There, he would soon become the Voice Over King.

During this time, Chris began doing voice over work regularly for radio and television in Las Vegas, as well as, producing TV and Radio commercials. He also created/wrote and hosted his own game-show pilot titled “In Your Pocket”, a new billiards game show.

Various clients have used many words to describe Chris; when asked for one-word the following appeared.

Experienced ~ Versatile ~ Deep ~ Smooth ~ Rich ~ Powerful ~ Enthusiastic ~ Perfection ~ Affordable ~ Seasoned ~ Consistent ~ Friendly ~ Dependable ~ Proven