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Virtuosity Phone System Tree Audio Demo


~ Are you individual? Are you a small corporation? Are you a Fortune 500 company? Chris Gregory, Voice Over King, can provide you with a voice logo for your various IVR Phone platforms.

Do you need a new greeting for your IVR Phone system or maybe a new “on hold” recording, or the menu options need refreshing?

Drop us an email or give us call, we would be happy to discuss your request and questions regarding changes that continuously take place within your organization.

Voice Over King’s projects includes in-house training modules, consumer training modules via the web or video, voice overs for you company presentations at shareholder meetings, power point presentations for board meetings, or voice overs for your websites, blogs, and Facebook to name a few.

Perhaps writing the greetings, on hold messages, scripts or adding a touch of polish, isn’t your thing…

Let’s talk.

Voice Over King wants to work with you — and your budget.

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