Infomercial / Direct Response

Innova-Health-Solutions - Voice Over Artist - Chris Gregory


~ Interesting, compelling, and convincing are three of the necessary attributes required in choosing the voice for your Infomercial or Direct Response Ad or Tag. Consistency, availability, and dependability are three other important components that must also be present. 

Chris Gregory has extensive experience in this area as he’s been doing Direct Response spots and tags for many years. He was involved with assisting and perfecting the Express Digital Customization process for various local, regional, and national markets back in the 1991 when D22 (squared) became patented and was first introduced with video and audio preread.

His voice as literally sold millions and millions.Chris Gregory, The Voice Over King, is also an accomplished and proven copywriter and is available to assist you with your script or assist you with polishing. Writing effective Direct Response copy is definitely a strong suite of Voice Over King. The CTA or Call to Action is what it’s all about; engage the viewer, continue to keep them interested, and then motivate them to pick up the phone now to call and order!

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