Corporate / Training

PhraseExpress Version 8, audio by Voice Over King

~ Consistency is very important, and the voice you choose represents you just as your logo does. Your company’s image and brand are critical. You need a solid, dependable recognized voice that represents you locally, regionally, and nationally with every corporate campaign or training programs designed for staff, board meetings, or customers.

For many years, Chris Gregory, Voice Over King, has been providing quality voice services to corporations around the world. His commanding yet sensitive baritone character makes him an obvious and affordable choice for you. He has his own studio which enables him to provide a quick turnaround for your demanding projects

Digital Delivery via email attachment or FTP site or Dropbox is recommended, and FedEx is always an option if you have the luxury of a day. ISDN patch can be made available upon request, but is additional and usually not necessary. Technology has come a long way in the last few years

You simply send the offline or final video or picture by digital delivery as a QuickTime MOV allowing your voicing and timing to be more precise with the video.

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